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Love and Abundance

Cérémonie Cacao
When the conquistadors discovered the Mayan empire, they realised that the royal families stored billions of cocoa beans in sacred places.

Cacao seeds, which were then used as a currency, were considered the food of the Gods.

Find out why during a Cacao ceremony.
What’s a Cacao ceremony?
Taken during a sacred ceremony, in a specific quantity and under the guidance of a Cacao shaman, the Cacao connects us to the spirit of the plant, Ix Cacao, goddess of Love and Abundance according to Native American mythology. Ix Cacao is one of the sacred teaching plants, that is to say plants who heal and guide human beings.

A Cacao ceremony is a moment of reconnection to oneself, to one's energies, and to divine unconditional Love thanks to the opening of the heart chakra. Trained in South Africa by Kuchina shamans, I will guide you through meditations and gentle movements for the body.

At the beginning of the ceremony, you’ll tell the plant your intentions (what you want to accomplish in your life, personally, emotionally, financially...) so that it works with you on the physical, emotional and mental levels, in order to enable you to achieve your goals.

After the ceremony, the energetic work of the plant continues for another 3 weeks.
How long does a ceremony last?
About 3 hours. Sometimes a little more.
Who can take part in a Cacao ceremony?
Everyone, from 18 years old. Cacao ceremonies are usually gentle. They are times of healing and deep relaxation. Their aim is to reconnect us to the divine Love within us. These are privileged sacred moments, to be experienced in a group, between friends or as a couple.

If you are on medication (anti-depressants), please keep me informed so that I can adjust your preparation. Cacao is a powerful ally against depression, and if this is your case, we can discuss together how Cacao can support you in the long term.
Prochaine Cérémonie Cacao
The next Cacao ceremony in Martinique will take place on Saturday 9th, December 2023.
In Saint-Martin, a ceremony will take place soon. Contact me directly for more information. I’m currently preparing the next session. 
Registrations are open for the Cacao ceremony of Saturday 9th, December 2023 in Martinique.
It will take place from approximately 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Rate :50€

For more information on Cacao ceremonies in Saint-Martin, Martinique, London, Saint- Barth, New York, or to participate in the next Cacao ceremony, I invite you to contact me directly by email or on Instagram @JadheDiesse, or to register for the mailing list.
As the number of places is limited, do not hesitate to contact me to register.
Cérémonie au nombre de places limité.
Les cérémonies du 25 Mai, 15 Juin et 29 Juin s'étant remplies rapidement, j'ai ouvert cette nouvelle date. Je prends en effet peu de monde pour ces cérémonies sur le champ ancestral afin de pouvoir faire un soin individuel profond à chaque personne.

Tarif : 70€
Inscription en me contactant par mail ou via le formulaire de contact.
Lieu de la cérémonie : Martinique
Géolocalisation envoyée par message la semaine avant la cérémonie.

Horaire : de 9h30 à 12h30

A prévoir : un tapis de yoga, de l'eau, de quoi écrire (essentiel).

Tarif :

Pour une cérémonie privée (seul ou en duo, ou entres amis), ou pour participer à la prochaine cérémonie Cacao, je vous invite à me contacter directement par email ou sur Instagram @JadheDiesse, ou à vous inscrire à la mailing list.
Cérémonies privées
Cérémonies privées : libérations profondes

Dans le cadre d'une cérémonie privée, je peux aller beaucoup plus loin avec vous et Ix Cacao dans le travail de nettoyage énergétique.

Nettoyage des champs ancestraux

Ix Cacao est très efficace pour libérer les champs ancestraux des blocages hérités des ancêtres, libérant à la fois vous-mêmes et votre lignée (passée et future). Lors d'une cérémonie Cacao, je peux travailler profondément sur votre champ ancestral, travailler sur le chakra du coeur, et sur vos besoins spécifiques.


Des déblocages et des libérations profondes se font sur le plan quantique, qui peuvent ensuite se manisfester dans notre vie.
Compter 2 à 3 heures de cérémonie.
Tarif : à partir de 380€, en fonction du lieu.

Apart from group ceremonies, such as those at the river and for full moons/new moons, I also offer private Cacao ceremonies to connect to the energy of the plant in greater intimacy.
Couples ceremonies
Ix Cacao is the goddess of unconditional love. It allows the circulation of energies and the opening of the heart chakra. Take advantage of a unique and magical moment to connect energetically with your partner.

A new way of being together, for a powerful communion of your two beings and a harmonious union.

Price: 450€
Couple sur la plage
L'heure de la fête!
Femmes dansantes
Events, Festivals & Private ceremonies
As Cacao opens up the heart, indulge yourself in an intense communion with your loved ones, and feel the energy of Love circulating between you.

This ceremony can be a gift for a special event (bachelorette party, birthday, corporate/business event around the energy of money, etc...), or a spontaneous reservation!

During this special moment, you connect with your loved ones on energetic and subtle levels in order to strengthen bonds of love and harmony, while benefiting from the healing properties of a Cacao Ceremony.

Price: Depending on the number of participants. Contact me.
Engineer, author, Kuchina, shaman, energy healer, intuitive life coach.
A graduate from Centrale Lyon engineering school, I have both scientific and energetic/spiritual backgroungs. It was in South Africa that I trained in serving Cacao ceremonies while living with Kuchina shamans. Before that,  I had already been working with other sacred plants for several years, and I was already providing angelic energy treatments. 

These sacred plants, of which Cacao is one, are highly intelligent healing technologies. These plants, called "teacher plants", have the capacity to completely surround our being, with its blockages and wounds, and give us exactly what we need in each ceremony, based on what we are ready to receive.

More information on my biography here.

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Subscribers will be notified in advance and will have priority access to registrations <3

Merci de t'être abonné-e. Je te dis à très vite !

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